Purlins/Top Hats

We offer a range of purlins from 100mm to 300mm in C and Z profiles. We can cut them to length for you and they are available in punched or unpunched. We can custom cut them to your requirements or you can select from our generic stock we have on hand.

Our range of products includes:

  • Purlins & girts
  • Bridging – available in Quicklok and Bolted
  • Top Hats which can be custom cut to order or you can choose from our generic stock. Available in 50/65/75/96/120 mm either .75 or .95 guage
  • Roof battens – our 40mm roof batten comes in 7.5m lengths, a great alternative to timber batterns or purlins

We can deliver your order and we only stock quality product at the best price. We support our local community and are all about bringing value to the Border!